Gaming around the world with the ROG Strix GL502VS Laptop

May 17, 2017 // Republic of Gamers // Writer & Photographer

Many lightweight gaming laptops are billed as mobile solutions, but few gamers travel with them. To break that trend, over the next year I’ll be putting mobile gaming to the most extreme test of all: a round-the-world trip with ROG’s Strix GL502VS gaming laptop in tow. From Europe, to Asia, to South America, this gives whole new meaning to "gaming on the go". 

Solving Sexism: 3 tech trailblazers who narrowed the gender gap

March 5, 2017 // Code Like a Girl // Writer

On an almost-daily basis, new examples emerge of harassment or sexism in tech. These stories can make you feel hopeless - like nothing is improving. However, there's a light in the darkness: a few trailblazers have distinguished themselves, tackling gender diversity head-on. With grit, creativity, and determination, they've meaningfully improved diversity and inclusion on their campuses. 

Photo credit: MattysFlicks via / CC BY

Photo credit: MattysFlicks via / CC BY

Project Brainwash: Facebook, free will, and the alarming new advertising frontier

February 27, 2017 // // Writer

Welcome to a brave new world of advertising: one in which artificial intelligence, deep data mining, and dynamic user profiling have enabled preference prediction and influence like never before. The problem? Nothing is off-limits, and our brains and behaviors are the next target.

Our startup totally isn't a cult (satire)

November 7, 2016 // Code Like a Girl // Writer

Welcome to our startup! We really aren't a cult, I promise. How about I give you a tour, load you up with some snacks, and explain how we perfectly embody free thinking?

4 Last Minute Gifts for the Lady-Techie in Your Life (satire)

December 18, 2016 // Code Like a Girl // Writer

Scrambling to find that perfect, last-minute holiday gift for a software engineer, data scientist, program manager, or other techie who’s also a female human? Well, search no more. We’ve rustled up some of our fave holiday gifts to delight the lady-geek in your life.

Why sign in? Your files are always waiting for you with Office 365

January 31, 2013 // Microsoft Office Blogs // Writer & program manager

You’ve read about Office 365 Home Premium and the Cloud and how Office and SkyDrive are better together. Now learn how we're making Office more personal than ever, from getting to your programs, files, and settings wherever you go, to picking up where you left off from anywhere.