Kimberly Koenig is a published writer and photographer bringing fresh human interest to travel, tech, and gaming publications.

From April 2017 onward, she's traveling as an esports, tech, and travel writer and photographer. She's always on the lookout for compelling projects at the crossroads of human interest and culture.

Especially passionate about visual storytelling, her travel writing and photography have been featured by WanderuABC10 news, and Riga Central Market

Although her current focus is on writing and photography, Kimberly's background is in computer science, with over 5 years' experience as a technical program manager at Microsoft and other companies. In this past life, she also learned Unity to develop "Zombie Hurdler" for Ludum Dare 33: "You Are The Monster".

An avid traveler, Kimberly has recently been pushing outside her comfort zone, resulting in an assortment of exciting encounters and strange stories.

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